My Holidays

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Solar Eclipse

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A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and The Earth.The Moon will block out the Sun so the Earth will be dark.This can only happen during a new moon, when the Sun and Moon are aligned as seen from the Earth.About four solar eclipse occurs every year.



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Elephants are the biggest land animals.They are Grey in color and their tusks are white.There are three types of elephants.They are the African Bush Elephant,the African Forest Elephant also known as the African Elephant and the Asian Elephant also known as the Indian Elephant.

ElephantsSwimming Elephants

The Hibiscus

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There are many flowers in Malaysia.Among all the flowers in Malaysia there is one called the Hibiscus flower. The Hibiscus flower is Malaysia’s national flower.Its petals are red in color and it is quite big.It can be found by the roadside and some people plant it in their garden.It is a very beautiful flower.

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Creating a link

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Hello everyone I would like to tell you that you can now create a text link and a blogroll link onto your blog.It is not difficult to do it.An example on a website you can link to is:

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How to create a Table using Html

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Hello everyone today I am going to tell you how to create a table using HTML.You may look at the table displayed below.

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Smileys and Emoticons

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Today I am going to tell you about Smileys or Smilies.Smilies are a round yellow face which shows an emotion. Smileys also known as emoticons will show many emotions and sometimes used to show how a person is feeling.We should use smilies normally at the end of a sentence.Make sure the smileys does not cover your fullstops etc.If we have a long sentence we can put it in the middle.Here are some examples of smilies:






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Uses of Blogs

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Today I am going to tell you the uses of the blogs.


Cempaka 25 Years

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This year my school Sri Cempaka is celebrating its 25th birthday.They also have 25 versions of our school song this year.Our school was built in 1983 and many things have changed since then.Cempaka had so many events going on for the last few years.Cempaka also had many plays performed by students.We have many exciting events going on throughout the year.These are our Games Carnival ,Sports Day,End Year Concert and so many more other things .We also have a concert tomorrow night to raise money for charity.We have many activities in our school.Not forgetting our school field trips which we have twice a year.We have many exciting places to go to.I can assure you that you will have a very good time in our school.well here is a video of our school.I hope you enjoy it.

My Holidays

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I had a very nice Chinese New Year.I hope you had a good Chinese New Year too.Well anyway this is what happened during my Chinese New Year.